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We may try to introduce it to you like this: it’s a part of the world where the wind harmonizes with the rain, the sun with the night, the vineyard with man. A part of the world kissed by nature and by the people who live there.


San Cipirrello

A terroir born from the combination of clays and Monte Iato rocky – calcareous sediments. A mix of great balance that impoverishes the soil and limits the vineyard’s vigour. It receives a fair ventilation and takes advantage of a considerable temperature variation thanks to the mountain. This countryside can be caught in a glance from Piana degli Albanesi to Corleone. A boundless and silent landscape with rocky outcrops and little vegetation in winter, teeming with life in spring and summer. This is the place where Cataratto, Perricone and Nerello Mascalese grow.



Here on calcareous soil ,where the presence of rocks is prominent, grows the Chardonnay. A nearby pine forest makes the climate cool, and the variations in temperature between day and night, reach even 20 °C. The balance between these different elements gives elegance and acidity to this vineyard’s wine. All around wheat fields, agave, prickly pears, the Temple and the Theatre of Segesta Archaeological Park.
The terroir, indeed.


Etna Volcano

Here grows the grape that brought Giuseppe and Federico to meet: Carricante from Contrada Sant’Alfio. The white of volcano growing at 800 metres of altitude, a mountain wine overlooking the sea and finding its strenght in “ripiddu”, the hash falling from the sky. Here we are on the eastern side of Mount Etna, where the fall of lapilli occurs more often, thus creating a continous cycle of vulcanic humus. Sand and ashes are the basis of Nerello Mascalese too, from Biancavilla area, 700 metres of altitude, harvested from the mid-October and placed on terracing.


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